We adopt national standard precision casting technology and patents and can ensure product dimension precise to 0.003" /1"(CT3), and surface roughness more better, and make rough casting no need machining or less machining. Product inner quality can reach America Military Standard Level A or Aviation Standard Level 1. Our technology both can meet customer's strict requirement of material and metallographic structure, also can fulfil complicated structure product and ensure casting integrality and consistency to maximum improve mechanical property and quality strength  as well as ability of working under high temperature and anti-corrosion environment.

Product design guideline:

Customer can design precision casting products in according to below we ensured technical and standard:


  • concentricity:

Outer diameter3/4"1"11/2"2"
Inner diameter1/4"1/2"3/4"1"
Bias ratio0.0080.0100.0100.016
  • Flatness and straightness:
    For the definition of distortion and tortuosity, not indicating surface irregularity degree, can reach 0.003——0.005"/1" when allow proper shape correction method.

  • Diameter: general can reach ±0.016"/1", and try best to reach ±0.005"/<1"        

  • Angle deviation: ≤±0.50

  • Diameter:  1/2",   1",     11/2"
    Ovality: 0.010, 0.016, 0.024
    Tolerance with correction allowed:
    Diameter: 1/2",  1",    11/2",   2"
    Ovality: 0.006, 0.008, 0.010, 0.015

  • Blind hole depth (suitable for round hole, D  hole, square hole):

hole diametertolerance(optimal)
Over 0.5"±0.005"/1"

Hole center depth tolerance as per sheet (7)

  • Recommended dimensional tolerance: for general functional dimensions, suggest use below linear tolerance (non-functional dimension even can use more relaxed tolerance to reach more economic design)

unit(inches)unit: mm
Over 10.000≤ ±0.06Over 250≤ ±.15
  • Wall thickness tolerance is an exception, should as per HB6103——86CT4 Chinese regulation.

Overall dimension:

Not exceed 500X400X400mm in general


Aluminum alloy( mainly aluminum -silicon alloy), copper alloy( berylco alloy), hardening stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel and other nickel base alloy, cobalt-base alloy, iron-base alloy etc.

Metallurgical quality standard:

Aviation industry HB963-90,USA"ICI" and "MIC", general commercial casting as per Chinese national standard.