Granny Muffin Wines
Granny Muffin Wines - Palestine, Texas

Granny Muffin Wines is in Historic Downtown, Palestine, Texas at 301 W. Oak Street. Since 2009, we’ve been making great wines and selling them from our tasting room. Granny Muffin makes a large selection of wines from grapes grown all over the world. In one place you can taste a California grown Merlot, an Argentine Malbec, or maybe a Spanish Tempranillo. We pride ourselves on our variety of wines that will tempt any palate, from the sweetest Dessert wines to the driest of Reds.

Want to make some wine or beer, how about a hard apple cider, we have all the necessary supplies and equipment you’ll need including bottles, juice kits, yeast and chemicals from the top suppliers in the world. Names like Wine Expert, Brewer’s Best, and LD Carlson to name a few. Wine Bottles, beer bottles, cappers, corks, and filtering equipment to aid you in your quest for great beer and wine at modest, do-it-yourself prices. We have wine gift ideas too, so get in soon and see what you’ve been missing.

Hours of Operation
Monday Closed -- Closed
Tuesday 10:00am -- 5:00pm
Wednesday 10:00am -- 5:00pm
Thursday 10:00am -- 5:00pm
Friday 10:00am -- 5:00pm
Saturday 10:00am -- 4:00pm
Sunday Closed -- Closed

Why the name “Granny Muffin”? April (aka Granny) is and has been called Muffin in a bunch of different ways (Sugar Muffin, Love Muffin, Honey Muffin, you get the picture) by her husband and co-owner of the business for many years. When the grandchild was born, it just made since for her to call Granny – “Granny Muffin”. When we decided to add wine to our other business lineup and we were looking for a name, who would have guessed, Granny Muffin was available.