Granny Muffin knows that most people think you’ve got to be a little snooty to join a wine club and that’s why she’s taken all the uppity out of hers.  Here is a great opportunity to save money and enjoy great wine with ease and regularity. Granny says regularity is good! We’ll ship you a selection of wine quarterly, your choice and we’ll ship you white, red, or mixed your choice. It sounds as simple as Granny’s husband and the wine comes delivered by FedEx to most US States.

Since not everyone can keep up with Granny’s appetite for wine, we offer three levels of membership.
Tipsy (2 Bottles) Party (6 Bottles) and Hoedown (12 Bottles). That way you can try some new concoctions and talk a little snooty to your friends.
All Red Club

 Benefits of Joining Granny Muffin's Wine Club

  • Free Gift with First Shipment
  • 15% Discount on all Wine and Granny Muffin Merchandise Every Time You Visit
  • Additional 10% Discount off Granny's Low Case Price
  • 15% Discount on all Batches (27-29 Bottles) Throughout the Year, Plus Free Custom Labels With any Batch Purchased
  • Priority Access to Limited Release Wines
  • Free Tasting Cards Shipped with Each Shipment
  • Advance Notification for Reserved Seating Winery Events

All White Club
Mixed Company