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I got the package late Friday, thanks for your help!



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Hello Mike

 Hope yall are having a great new year. I just wanted to let yall know that the Test of Courage was a great surprise for my wife’s Christmas – she loves it!!!!!!

I can’t believe I was able to hold out that long in giving it to her.

Yall take care.

 Greg Sampson


Dear Mike and April,

Thank you very much for allowing us to purchase the print, La Belle Rebelle, for less.  We had searched all over the internet for that print, and you were the only place we could find it.  We're looking forward to framing it and putting it up!  Thanks for your excellent service! Blessings,

Becky, Mike, Will, Elijah, Joey, and Anna Owings


Thanks April. It is a pleasure dealing with a professional organization and Internet site!

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Tom Van Dawark


Thank You,


And Thank You for taking the time with me on Friday and explaining the differences in the art pieces.

Have a Merry Christmas

Michael J Seigle

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

Num 6: 24-26



Received the three pieces today.

Excellent as usual.


Do you have more than 1 of the Packin' Alone by Harvey?


(I wanted his Reflections of Yesterday you previously had on special, but it got away from me).


Also, do you know anything about a James Christiansen re-release of "Parables"?


Thanks again.




Hi April – I was going to email you. My brother just called and said it has arrived! I’m thrilled, thank you for all your help.


This is my first piece of “real art” that I’ve ever purchased. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations regarding framing?


I’d appreciate any guidance you could provide.


Thanks so much,


Mary Pat

 12/3/2009   Dear April,
Many thanks for all your help in making this happen.
Very impressed with your speed of response and help.

Best regards

Thank you very much for all your help Mike. I am looking forward to receiving the info. I have framed the picture and hanged it in our sitting room. It looks really beautiful! I will keep a look at your website oftently hoping I'll save some money again and buy another painting. If in the future you manage to get an original by Michael and Inessa Garmash in the region of the price I paid for Before the Dance please let me know. I'd like to have one of their nice paintings especially the one titled Contemplation. 


Best regards 



I just wanted to tell Mike thanks for the great framing job. The new piece is a real eye catcher. It would not do me any good too win the lotto because I would be broke from buying these awesome works of art. LOL




1/04/2009 Thank you very much--the print was a huge hit with my Mom! I appreciate your fast service and the secure way in which the print was mailed. I will be checking your web site periodically for any new items.
Happy New Year! - Tracey McIntire

How did you know?... That I desperately needed a new mouse pad….Thank you so much…Little things DO mean a lot. I received my John Barber prints just fine, now to get them framed….Oh what a chore.  But I will manage.  Again, many thanks for the mouse pad. - Jennie Wells

12/27/2008 I received the two certificates today that I had asked you if you could obtain them for me.  Thank you so much.  I have never dealt with a more caring business in my life than you.  You the best service that I have ever had from anyone and that covers 80 years.  I am spreading the word to everyone that I know who collects art that you are the best.  I have told a doctor here in Perryville who collects Jessie Barnes art about your excellent service and I hope that he orders his art from you since we have no dealer close to us to purchase from.  Again thank you very much. - Don Ikerman
Just wanted to say thanks for allowing us to look at your art gallery.  WE absolutely loved it.  We made it home about midnight, and it was exactly 100 miles out of the way going around to Palestine, but we all agree it was worth it.
Looking forward to coming this summer and getting a clock.  If you ever put the clocks on sale let me know.
Thanks again..
Lee and Duane, Healdton, OK
3/24/08 I got the print today and love it, thanks very much, this is a birthday gift for a very good friend that is really into the Civil War and Jackson. Mike Little
3/19/08 Just a note to inform you that we recieved the clock today and it is great my son loves it a great deal, thank you, Kathleen Hutchinson
I really appreciate what you've done. Right now I'm enjoying the "Her Domain" that arrived yesterday (drop-shipped from Greenwhich). It is fantastic and already at the frame shop. I've always wanted some of Steve's work and now I'm a happy camper.
Please, don't feel bad. You did the best you could at the time and more than made up for it in your efforts. When I've looked for other art for my home (like "Adel") I've checked with your website first. You've earned my respect and my business. I will be sure to send others your way if and when I hear of them looking for art work. Matt Knox

Good Morning !!

I really enjoyed speaking with you yesterday evening !! I am looking forward to your locating the print that I inquired  about. Be relentless and don’t give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Truly, I want it bad……… 

Thanks in advance for your help & I hope to meet you in person soon. 

Sincerely, Judy Phillips



Now I know why your gallery is among the top 100!!!  You’re incredible!  I just wanted to tell you that yes, I’ll purchase that piece (number 1 of 95), but it will have to be next week.  Hang on to it for me for I’ll be ordering on line as you directed Monday or Tuesday.  Do you need a physical address in which to ship?  Let me know.   I really appreciate it! 

Thanks, Gary Harcourt

1/28/08 Mike,
I received the print today.  Thank you for your thoroughness!
1/14/08 Rec'd clock today.  Thank you for wrapping it so well.  I love it.  My pleasure dealing with you.  Dorothy Z - Clearwater, Florida
1/8/08 All is well with the picture...I framed it but have not hung it yet.   See attached.  I will bookmark you in case I want to do another wall.  Thanks April.
Judy B*** Chesterfield, Missouri
Thanks April,
There's nothing like good ole East Texas hospitality.  I originated from Center.
I appreciate everything. Merry Christmas & God Bless,
Gary Samford 
9/4/07 April,
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  I truly appreciate all of your efforts in this transaction.  I would have been so disappointed, had I not been able to have the Transformation Canvas.   I am mailing this to your attention.  Again, a million thanks. Customer service is so very important to me and I can tell your company excels in it.  Sincerely, Vicki E...

Dear Mike

I am absolutely thrilled with the paintings, they are really wonderful.  It has been so easy and such a pleasure to do business with you that I cant think how you can improve.  Paul tells me he is having a exibition in England in October so I am looking forward to going there but I think I need to save up for a bit longer before I can buy another painting.  Thanks again for all the help you and April have given.

Best regards Fiona ++++++


Hello Mike
The website looks fantastic! !, thank you very much for your excellent work, I will send you a copy of "Art World News" you and April are featured on an Article about the "Behind the Canvas Event"  you'll receive it by Wednesday.
Please let me know if you need anything, I will continue sending you Images of Originals of all different Artists including the European Landscapes.

Thanks Mike
Mario Valle
Account Manager

4/13/07 I ordered this print (A Mort Kunstler Print) on a Friday evening and received it by next Thursday.  It was perfectly packaged and is a beautiful print.
Thank you for your exellent service -- if I find the wall space, I will be back...
Thanks again
Toni R******, Alexandria, VA
April and Mike,
Oh My Gosh, I just wanted to write and tell you what a great time we had in your gallery last weekend during Dogwood Trails. Your selection of our favorite artists was awesome and we never felt ignored, even in the large Dogwood Trails crowd. I can't wait to see the giclee we picked out framed. Your help with the framing went along ways to convincing Jerry that I was right about the liner and moulding.
We'll see you next week to pick it up,
Thanks, Again
Katie and Jerry
I just wanted to thank you for carrying and supporting my work!  Thanks, too, for including me on your lovely and informative web site. Please let me know if there's anything I can ever do for you.
All the best, 
Judy Larson
3/21/07 Hello April:

Just wanted to touch back regarding the above print.  

When I got to New Jersey, I opened it up to see how it turned out.  I was extremely pleased with the print and framework.  So pleased I truly wanted to keep it for myself.  I had it for a couple of days to enjoy and now I truly miss it.  But.......the recipient of the gift really liked it and that was all I was hoping for.  
Thank you for your help and time.  I will certainly keep you in mind for future celebration gifts or for myself.  I am so glad I took that day trip to visit your place when I found you on the internet.

Tammee P*****

to Mike and everyone at Texas Art Depot, Thank you for the Christmas greeting. I received the prints and they are beautiful. thank you for sending them so quickly. We wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.      Jan H******

8/30/06 I am e-mailing you to inform you that I received the canvas last night. The artwork is beautiful. Thank you for sending it in a timely manner. I plan on doing more business with you in the near future. Again, thank you
Jim L*******
8/28/06 Mike, Just wanted to let you know that I received my print yesterday and took it unopened to the local framing business and they as well as I were very impressed at the packaging and with the print! Thank you so much for your time, quick response to my e-mail and for a GREAT first time experience with ordering art on line. I hope my daughter is as equally pleased with the print! Have a nice day and thank you again! Norma W******
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnston,
I am thrilled with the handsome frame on the James Christensen "Saint Nicholas of Myra" I have just received from Texas Art Depot. Thank you so much. The framed canvas on clay board is the focal point of our entry hall. The entire shipment of Christensen art arrived in A-1 condition and is stunning. Again thank you.
Martin ********
6/27/2006   I just wanted to say how pleased we were when we received our order of prints last week!!  I have ordered from others before but will be staying with you from now on.   Your service is wonderful and our receipt of the receipt and magazines yesterday were a surprise!!
Thank you again!!
Sharon & John *********
6/12/2006   Hi: Thanks for the great service.
                                                              Dave ***********
Thanks, Mike.  Jim has confirmed that he received it and says it is beautiful.  Thank you for your attention to getting it safely delivered.
Sarah **********
5/4/2006 hi i just had to let you know that your website has been the easy way to shop on the net, it was simply a pleasure!!!! you really have beautiful things to choose from. thanks  a happy shopper
Just a short note to tell you that your presentation of the subject picture was well received by our son Brian.  He hung the picture in his home office in his new home in Leavenworth, KS. We spent Easter with him and his wife.  Of course Barbara and I thought that you did a great job as always.  You know the print you framed is slightly bigger than our print.  That's ok since it made a better sight.  We still have the one for Glenn and will give it to him when he comes home from Iraq on leave in July. 
HARRY **********
Thank you, April!!!! They arrived on Friday, thanks to your efforts! I appreciate it.
and I love those two prints. Once again, with thanks to you, I was able to get them. Thank you, April!!!! - Kathy

You are awesome.  Sometime when I'm headed to Kilgore and coming 79, I'm going to stop in.  Maybe this summer.  Thanks again,
Kim *********

3/25/2006 hello
    i just got off the phone with a sales person and what a nice experience it was.   Ive also sent the site to others for people to look at too.     thanks again!!!   Lori ******


Dear April,

I am so glad I found your website when searching for Thomas Kinkade. The price you charged for my Artist Proof was less than anywhere else I could find it and I searched and searched.

Your website is easy to navigate and made it easy to find the print I wanted. Purchasing on-line was a snap. And even though I live probably 1,500 miles away, it took just four days from my placing the order to when it arrived at my home.

The packaging was unbelievable. To say if far exceeded my expectations was an understatement. I took it directly to a art framing store and they too were impressed. Thank you so much for making sure my valuable print was protected.

Once the package was opened, my print took my breath away. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m new to the world of art but won’t be for long. I’ve decided to collect more art from Thomas Kinkade and will definitely check out others on your site. Please keep me on your mailing list as new art arrives!

Thank you again for your great service and terrific price. I’m now one of your loyal customers!

R. ******* - Bear Delaware


Hello April,

I wanted to let you know that I have received the canvas “alone at last” and I love it! Thank you very much for all of your help. I promise to refer you to friends and use you for additional purchases.

Sincerely, Lisa ********