Janet Staples Biography Continued:

... from those painted under a magnifying glass to a mural of over 500 square feet in size. “Painting is very natural to me,” Staples said. “When life is real hectic, my studio is my refuge. I get lost in another world.”

While she prefers acrylic mediums, her talents also include portrait sketching, and she is a gifted quilter and needlework artist. Her murals range from adorning the walls of a children’s nursery to enhancing the atmosphere of commercial businesses. She teaches her unique style of painting in her home studio in Palestine.

She has painted for nearly 20 years and her gift of color and design guides her expressions that vary in style and approach. “I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t painting or didn’t have a crayon in my hand,” Staples said. “I have no formal training, I just started doing it. “Painting is an outlet for me,” she continued. “It gets my creative juices flowing. I sew, quilt and paint and will try to learn anything that I’m shown to do. I think I get that from both of my grandmothers, who both sewed, quilted and painted.”

Staples credits her family as her biggest fans. “At last year’s art show at the Texas Art Depot, my son and daughter-in-law surprised me by coming to the show,” she said. “I was so happy to see them. “Everyone in my family has been very supportive, and it has made this a lot easier to do,” she said.

Staples’ first copyrighted Americana-style print, “Glory Days on Parade,” was released in 2006, capturing the pride and patriotism of Americans. This acrylic on canvas portrays what is said to be the longest running Fourth of July parade west of the Mississippi, in Round Top, Texas. Her next print was of Reagan Park in Palestine, Texas.

Staples and her husband Todd, who serves as the Texas Agriculture Commissioner, have four children and a beagle. They reside in Palestine and worship at Norwood Heights Baptist Church.

Janet Staples print signing at Texas Art Depot
Janet Staples "Signing" prints at Texas Art Depot
Todd Staples, Janet Staples and April Johnston of Texas Art Depot
Texas Ag Commissioner Todd Staples and Janet display her original with
April Johnston at a Texas Art Depot showing during Dogwood Trails.

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