Art Depot to Attend SpringFair 2005

Mike and April Johnston, owners of Art Depot in Palestine will be traveling to the United Kingdom in February to attend the Springfair 2005 in the National Exhibition Centre. The trip came through an invitation from Washington Green USA to visit the show and see the latest art releases from England’s most successful artists. Art Depot is a Premier Art Partner with Washington Green USA and the invitation was made to only a few galleries.

Washington Green has chosen the SpringFair to again showcase the latest works from their many artists that are household names in Europe, such as Govinder, Mark Spain, Joy Kirton-Smith, Domenech, Reuben Colley, Alexander Millar and Douglas Hoffman, to name only a few. Washington Green is the exclusive publisher for these and many other contemporary artists and they’re quickly becoming a hit in the US because of the exhaustive effort to introduce them to the US market by their affiliate, Washington Green USA. Beth Blankenship with Washington Green USA has arranged gallery tours for the visitors and some up close and personal interaction with the countries most popular artists.  “We really expect to spend some quality time with some of the most important artists in Europe, discover their inspirations, and what they are trying to express in their art” says April of Art Depot.

“This trip will probably make us a better gallery, in that we’ll better understand what we are representing,” April said. “We had already made the decision to focus more of our resources on this unique and growing art trend and this trip will surely reinforce that decision.” Many of the Washington Green artists are already featured on Art Depot’s website, and are available for viewing and purchase. For a complete list of artists or a free copy of the latest “Fine Art Collector” the Washington Green publication that showcases the newest works, visit the gallery downtown at 301 W. Oak St. in Palestine.

This highly collectible art is limited to small editions, usually 95 copies or less, and because of this you can be certain you’re home will reflect your personality and will never look like your neighbors.

Mike say’s the trip will not be strictly business, they have set aside a couple of days for visiting castle’s, landmarks, and other historic places. “You only get a few chances to go to Europe and see architecture that is maybe 500 years old and I really can’t wait to get there, besides the Birmingham area is home to William Shakespeare and April wants to take in a play.”

Courtesy Palestine Herald Press - Saturday January 29, 2005