Charles Peterson Biography Continued:

...has also been featured in the most prestigious galleries in the country and in juried shows of international significance.

But if Peterson's marine paintings have brought professional prestige and recognition, it is his unique "memories" paintings that have brought national popularity. Painted with the same personal interest, Peterson's "Memories Collection" of limited edition prints combine the elements of an old, forgotten site with the very subtle reflection of the special times that are still real for those who remember. New releases are awaited anxiously by collectors all across the United States and Canada. The Memories Collection strikes a chord in all of us who have fond memories of simpler times.

Regardless of subject, Peterson collectors have come to expect a consistent quality that comes only from a lifetime of study and work. Eight years of advanced art training, a successful twenty year career as a college professor of art, and an additional twenty years of painting fulltime have all contributed to the extraordinary watercolor compositions of a true master, Charles L. Peterson.
Recently, Charles has completed the 60 picture "Memories Collection" and had a celebration party with his collectors and gallery owners. Though Charles has not promised anymore pictures, and has completed the collection, he says he will continue to paint as it is one of the driving forces in his life. We can only hope that he will occassionaly publish a new piece for his collectors.

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