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Christmas 2008

Dear Subscriber,

We don't say Happy Holidays around here, April and I proudly celebrate Christmas and we know that most of you do too, so Merry Christmas.

We've enjoyed a very good year overall, it slowed in September but I'm bullish on America and I know the economy will rebound like it always does. In the mean time, enjoy the newsletter, and Merry Christmas from April, Cindy, Lisa, Aunt Bee, and Mike at Texas Art Depot.

In This Issue
  • Art, the Gift that Keeps on Giving!
  • Wine Caddies Make the Perfect Gift
  • Rhythm Clock's Copywrite Issues Resolving!
  • Monthly Specials, Coupon Savings, it's Christmas
  • Holiday Shipping Dates to Remember!!!
  • New Website Format Coming

  • Wine Caddies Make the Perfect Gift
    H & K Wine Caddies are the Thoughtful Gift.

    H & K Wine Caddies and Metal Art Sculptures are unique and are hand made in Germany. One of these will be the perfect and yet inexpensive gift. They represent almost every profession, hobby, or interest which makes them the perfect and personalized gift for someone special. They are great corporate gifts as well.

    Rhythm Clock's Copywrite Issues Resolving!
    Rhythm and Seiko Musical Clocks

    For the last several months our inventory of the very popular magic motion and musical clocks has been depleted because of legal problems by the clock manufacturers. As we told you in a previous newsletter Rhythm was embroiled in a legal battle concerning music that they believed they had legally paid to use. The suits seem to be settled and they are currently manufacturing clocks again just in time for Christmas. We expect supplies to be limited so please order immediately for Christmas delivery.

    Monthly Specials, Coupon Savings, it's Christmas
    Buffalo Rattler by Martin Grelle

    Never before have we offered savings on everything in our gallery at Christmas time but this year will be different. When you view the current specials you'll see great art from Martin Grelle, G. Harvey and other well known artists with Fine Art Giclees on Canvas reduced as much as 20% and some of these are sold out pieces that have gone up on the secondary market making them very attractive at the reduced prices.

    The coupon below will reduce everything available on our site unless it's already on sale. If you click and the price is in red, even though the website may show a further discount when you ad the coupon code we will not honor both discounts, you'll actually be charged the red price or the coupon price which ever is better for you, but not both discounts.

    Holiday Shipping Dates to Remember!!!

    Christmas Eve is on a Wednesday this year and your last day for normal ground shipping to be delivered by then is probably Wednesday December 17th. Orders take time and you should place your orders as soon as possible to avoid the stress that is caused by worrying about UPS and their deliveries.

    I've seen too many times when last minute orders are not delivered and everyone involved is disappointed in the outcome. We want to make the Holidays as stress free as possible and that is why our Coupon will last only until December 10th. After that, you'll be stressing us and we're not going to help you stress us at a discount.

    New Website Format Coming

    Probably before Christmas our brand new Website will be up and running with great new features. We promise to not stray from our simple design that you've learned to navigate easily but in my next Newsletter I'll introduce you to the next generation of e- commerce as it applies to the art world.

    Again, Thanks so much for making Texas Art Depot the success we've enjoyed this year and we hope next year is prosperous for you and yours. Mike and April Johnston - Merry Christmas

    Art, the Gift that Keeps on Giving!
    Reflections by William S. Phillips

    Have you ever purchased a gift for someone and knew you were wasting your money. Quite frankly, we all have because at the last minute we couldn't think of something that would be perfect for that individual. Texas Art Depot has the solution you're looking for!

    What are you looking for in a gift? The perfect gift will be personal, will be remembered, and will have real value for many years to come. Take the cowboy viewing the Grand Canyon from the rim in the William Phillips Giclee on Canvas pictured above. This grand view is the perfect gift for someone, but maybe not you! It, like most of our art, is very collectible and painted by the most renowned artists in the world. The subject matter is as varied as your imagination, the arts value will transcend time and the very personal nature of the image will remind the giftee of your thoughtfulness every time they admire they admire your thoughtful gift.

    If you're unsure of the perfect image, a gift certificate will solve your dilemma. We'll be happy to mail a gift certificate in your name or email it at the last minute if that is your preference. The gift certificate can be used online or in the gallery. What could be easier, and you'll be the hero that gave a lasting gift that will possibly appreciate in value, as opposed to most other choices....You'll need to call the gallery to purchase a gift certificate but of course it's Toll Free 1-866-725-1940

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    Texas Art Depot's Christmas Sale for our registered customers is very simple. Take 10% off any online purchase that is not already reduced. Yes, you've only got a little more than a week to use this offer, but we've got to fill your order and ship it to you by Christmas. Simply type the two words - Merry Christmas - in the coupon code box at checkout before December 11, 2008 and the discount will be automatic. You must spell it correctly, and Happy Holidays or Merry Winter Solstice will not get you anything but disappointment. If the item is already on sale, the extra 10% savings will not apply. The price in shopping cart will be inaccurate and we'll adjust the price to the lowest price but we will not give both discounts.

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