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October 2008

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I can almost smell another National Championship in the air for my Texas Longhorns. The Election will be over soon and all will be well with the world. No matter who is elected the press will quit whining about the economy and of course it'll get better like it does after every election cycle.

Welcome back and I'm glad you're still with us. It's been a great year except for the last month or so, and I really do blame the negativity I see on the news every night. At some point it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy, but enough about that. Did I mention the Texas Longhorns? We've got some great new art and great new artists and I'm sure you're ready to get started with the latest Texas Art Depot newsletter. - Mike Johnston

In This Issue
  • New Photographic Artist Norm Clasen
  • Western Artist Tim Cox is New at Texas Art Depot
  • New Still Life Artist Kyle Polzin
  • Steve Allen Photography - New at Texas Art Depot
  • New Artist Chris Owens

  • Western Artist Tim Cox is New at Texas Art Depot
    Crossing the Creek by Tim Cox

    Considered one of the great western artists of our time, Tim Cox is one of today's most successful painters in his genre. Through the years, many accolades have been bestowed on this very talented artist, and this year Cox was asked to join the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America; and Crossing the Creek (pictured) will be Tim Cox's first entry in the Cowboy Artists of America show this fall as a CA Member.

    Tim, a fourth generation Arizonan, has won numerous awards for his wonderful art. In 2008, D├ęcor magazine featured Cox as one of the 14 Most Enduring and Successful Poster Artists. In 2007, his painting, "Good Horses and Wide Open Spaces," won the Express Ranches Great American Cowboy Award; at this same exhibit in 2004, "Along Eagle Creek" won the award. In 2003, the artist was honored with one of the most prestigious awards in western art at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum exhibit. Cox's painting, "On to Better Pastures," won the coveted Prix de West Purchase Award. In 2001, the artist was awarded the Will Rogers Western Artist of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists and Friends of Western Art. Cox is also a three-time winner of the Olaf Wieghorst Best of Show at The Mountain Oyster Club.

    New Still Life Artist Kyle Polzin
    Texas Bottle Openers by Kyle Polzin

    In 1996, after graduating college, Kyle Polzin began instructional sessions with the master painter Dalhart Windberg, whose painting style has influenced him since childhood. This invaluable learning experience helped launch Polzin's fine art career.

    With a palette of warm tones and serene settings, Polzin's paintings are acknowledged as masterful compositions reflecting an Old World style. The artist's talent for composition and his range of abilities allow him to paint a variety of subject matter - from hunting and fishing and coastal scenes to wildlife and still lifes to western themes. Polzin's works exhibit a combination of quiet strength and character that draws the viewer into his scenes. Whether painting beautiful flowers or memories of hunting or fishing trips, Polzin creates paintings that are striking images that leave a lasting impression.

    The artist currently resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Leigh, and their young daughter, Kate.

    Steve Allen Photography - New at Texas Art Depot
    Isolated Link by Steve Allen

    Steve Allen was born in 1957 in Tyler, Texas and graduated from Chapel Hill High School in 1975. After graduating Steve joined the United States Marines and was stationed in Oahu, Hawaii. Steve learned first hand the beauty of nature as he was deployed to the island paradise and wanted to photograph everything he saw to show it to his hometown friends in Texas.

    To his amazement, other people were inspired when they saw the photos he took. The sand on the beach, the sunset vistas, the palm trees and the ocean waves were beautiful to a young man from East Texas. From that period on, he has loved to put the beauty of nature onto paper. Today, Steve works with digital cameras because of the control he has in the final product. The quantity is unlimited and with software manipulation he can tweak and adjust a picture to perfection.

    New Artist Chris Owens

    The West and its revered icon, the American cowboy, live the past, the present, and the future in the contemporary paintings of outstanding artist Chris Owen. The artist's paintings portray the spirit and essence of the cowboy lifestyle - from riding herd to working with horses to everyday chores. These dedicated, hard-working legends of the American West inspire Owen to portray a way of life that has endured and will live on in his paintings. In 2006, a giclee of the Owen's painting, "A Cowboy's Morning," won the very prestigious international Benny Award for the finest giclee of the year

    The artist lives and paints outside of Billings, Montana.

    New Photographic Artist Norm Clasen
    The Yearling by Norm Clasen

    With a very successful career spanning four decades, the photographer-artist Norm Clasen is passionate about his work. Clasen's images have been featured in numerous magazines in this country, as well as in European publications. One the most exciting periods in his career was being chosen as a photographer for the world-famous "Marlboro Man" advertising campaign for twelve years, considered to be one of the most recognizable images of all time. As a result of Clasen working with many ranchers and becoming friends with them while shooting the Marlboro images, the artist began his love affair with the iconic West. The artist's interests began focusing on the magnificent horses that roam the ranches and plains. Marveling at their sheer power, grace, and beauty, Clasen attempts to capture the magic of the animals when in full flight as the dust swirls around them and their manes float through the air.

    Few landscapes are too challenging for Clasen - filming in dust, rain or snow and pushing light to its limit have resulted in this photographer-artist creating some of his most memorable and dramatic images. Clasen's work usually reflects natural elements as the main focus using 35mm equipment in either film or digital formats. In some cases, he enhances the photographs to create an artistic aura, taking on a painting-like feeling, but maintaining their photographic quality. Always striving to reflect the timeless nature of the West, Clasen produces photographs that are at-once classic, but created with modern technology, and yet evoking softer, grainy images that appear to echo from the past. Clasen refers to this aspect of his work as "artography" and believes it is a new and evolving genre for the art market.

    Norm and his wife, Laura, reside on a ranch in Colorado with horses and Max the Wonderdog. With a magnificent landscape to call home, the photographer and his wife are forever grateful to be surrounded with the ever-changing beauty of nature.

    Visit the Norm Clasen Portfolio....
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