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September 2008

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Welcome to another edition of the Texas Art Depot Newsletter. School is starting back in our area, the Dallas Cowboys are playing preseason games, the Texas Longhorns won Saturday, the politicians are politicking, fuel prices have fallen a little, and the art shopping season is approaching.

Snuggle up to your monitor, pull your credit cards out and lay them on the table and let's get started buying something for yourself or a significant other that will last and last and last. Texas Art Depot is going to help with the whole thing by offering a 10% Off Coupon to our newsletter subscribers.
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In This Issue
  • New From Rod Chase
  • Rhythm Clocks Halted Production
  • Mill Pond Press Introduces a New Medium
  • Cruise Ship Auctions - Let the Buyer Beware!
  • Artist Greg Olsen Paints a Mixed Bag

  • Rhythm Clocks Halted Production
    Rhythm Magic Motion Clocks

    This announcement is from Rhythm Clocks regarding their very popular musical and magic motion clocks.

    "We regret to notify you that, as of the date of today, we have stopped shipping all Rhythm clocks which play copyrighted songs. This action is necessary because we have recently become aware that use of certain copyrighted songs in the U.S. may not have been covered by fees paid by Rhythm in Japan. We want to make sure that all songs on all clocks are properly licensed before resuming distribution of affected models. As soon as we are able to resume distribution, we will let you know."

    The Rhythm clocks listed on our website that are musical represent our remaining inventory which will be sold until they are depleted. The Seiko clocks do not have this issue and are still in good supply. If you wanted one of these for Christmas, you better get it quick in case the issues are not resolved with their copywrite problem by then.

    Mill Pond Press Introduces a New Medium
    Bateman Frosty Morning - Blue Jay

    Mill Pond Press is always searching for new and better ways to reproduce fine art for you to own and enjoy. That's why they are so excited to announce the debut of ClasArt, representing a revolution in the world of fine art reproductions. ClasArt is a lightweight, acid-free and extremely durable and resilient art form. A rigid archival material that will not chip, fade or smear, ClasArt can be framed without glass. Best of all, ClasArt is the perfect marriage of the giclée printing method with a hard archival surface. The result is an exquisite reproduction, true to the original work of art, that will always retain its luster and vivid color and is virtually indestructible.

    Giclée prints are, by their very nature, a specialized art form, prized for their vibrant color, clarity and vivid details, and ClasArt giclées look just like original paintings. Many artists, like Robert Bateman, paint their originals on archival board, and until this latest Mill Pond Press breakthrough, no other means has come as close to duplicating their original paintings as ClasArt with such lasting results. Because of the white surface, the colors really pop when the giclée ink is applied. It comes with a Limited 50-year warranty.

    Two other Robert Bateman pieces reproduced with the new ClasArt technique are "Winter Song - Chickadees" and "Up a Tree - Lion Cub"

    Cruise Ship Auctions - Let the Buyer Beware!

    April and I are frequent travelers and we occasionally find ourselves booking a cruise. On one of our first cruise trips we experienced the "Art Auction" on board. We heard it advertised on the ships speaker system and knowing a little about art, we thought it would be fun.

    We made our way to the huge lounge that contained the art work to be auctioned and we were amazed that we recognized some of the work. A greeter offered us wine and we sat down to enjoy the auction. Many of the pieces offered were prints that we had seen offered by art publishers we purchase from that had sold poorly. The publishers had offered them to galleries at discounts because they had not sold and eventually sold the entire lot to the auction company. The auctioneer told quite a different story though, and often inflated the original listing price. He would accurately say that the edition was a sell out and on secondary market, but he left out the part where he had bought the entire remaining stock for pennies on the dollar.

    We were amazed at how many people bought prints in this environment and paid significantly more than market price for most of them. I hope for their sakes they spent a little time on the computer checking out their purchases before attending the art auction on their next trip. Some of the art is very nice, but often it can be purchased at home for much less.

    Artist Greg Olsen Paints a Mixed Bag
    Shruberbia by Greg Olsen

    The art of Greg Olsen illuminates the soul and spirit of its subjects and uplifts the hearts and minds of its viewers. Olsen's diverse interests are deftly demonstrated in oil paintings that range from the inspirational and whimsical to the realistic and historical. His luminous, delicate portraits capture not only the likeness of his subjects, but their spirit as well. His landscapes of scenes from America and the world over reflect the perfect beauty of the mind's eye.

    As a child, Olsen often relied on his imagination for entertainment - as an adult, his imagination entertains us with paintings that depict the best and brightest memories of childhood.

    His Biblical paintings, represented in religious institutions in more than 20 countries around the world, and his work for the Pentagon and the National Collegiate Athletic Association required intensive research and strict attention to factual detail.

    New From Rod Chase
    Mists of Morning by Rod Chase

    Rod Chase as an artist is described as a photo- realist and was born and raised in Canada. After marrying a Texas girl, he moved to the United States. He and his wife, Debbie, have five children, who are home-schooled. The family recently moved from the Houston area to the Texas Hill Country.

    Rod's newest image is "Mists of Morning." While in Venice last year, Chase spent many hours photographing the Grand Canal and also the smaller, inner canals. Rod Chase takes hundreds of photographs of each of his subjects, combining them with historical photographs, to produce a timeless quality in each of his works. "Being a photo-realist, I am dependent on finding accurate reference material for each painting." Much of his photography was at twilight or dusk, but on several mornings he and his wife rose early to enjoy a "different Venice" - few tourists and no gondoliers or boat traffic. The city was totally still and quiet except for the sounds of water lapping against the timeworn bricks or the hulls of tethered boats.

    The mists of morning made the narrow canals all but vanish. As dramatic and awe- inspiring as Venice was in the evening, it was even more remarkable in the morning - a magical moment when the city seemed invisible except for the soft colors of the ancient buildings reflecting in the water. It was a world of delicate hues and magnificent textures - so real up close, then silently disappearing like a dream in the silvery mists of morning.

    How About Custom Framing?

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    We use the finest materials in the country on every framing project. While most frame shops charge extra for acid free matboard - We don't use any other kind. We stock Bainbridge, Crescent, and Tru- Vue mats and offer them in linen, suede, and paper. We always back our frame jobs with foam core and not cardboard or acid laden cellulose.

    We use the finest wooden mouldings from Larson-Juhl and Aetna, no polystyrene here, period. Shipping will be extra for framed projects but you'll save the sales tax in most cases and it's very convenient. You'll save at least twp trips to the local framer as well

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