Amy Lynn Biography Continued:

... the window of her Los Angeles studio. A fresh canvas awaits a new story. Inspired by the Deco days of swinging jazz and romance, Amy Lynn flips through a fashion magazine and notices modern couture reminiscent of the 1930’s. Within moments the artist sees the canvas in a new light.

She muses over what will come...there will be music, the atmosphere will be celebratory and her characters will exude the deeper recesses of romance. Amy Lynn picks up a brush and begins with the flirtatious eye of a stranger. Born in Nebraska in March 1973, Amy Lynn was an artist from an early age,constantly drawing and painting. The daughter of an accomplished artist and instructor, Amy Lynn had a unique signature to her painting from the beginning.

After earning a BFA in painting from the University of Nebraska, Amy Lynn moved to Minneapolis and for the next nine years she lived and worked as an artist. Painting over 300 commissions and selling piece after piece to even the most discerning collectors. As her real life fused with her artistic life, the romantic world in her art grew bigger and bolder.

In 2004, she moved to Los Angeles, and her fan base grew. With one exhibit after another, art critics hailed Amy Lynn as “one to watch”. Also a favorite among designers, the artist was recently commissioned to do a series of paintings for the New Otani Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. And the designers for the FOX hit show “Hell’s Kitchen” chose two of Amy Lynn’s pieces to feature on the set of their show.

Today her exposure reaches world wide, in galleries and collections, both public and private.

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