Danny Hahlbohm Biography Continued:

...paintings and distribued in countries all over the world.

He grew up on the eastern end of Long Island, New York until 1968 when he enlisted in the Armed Forces. Danny Hahlbohm was sent overseas and toward the end of his tour he received a miracle from God that changed his life. This miracle led Danny to accept the Lord and become a Christian.

After serving in the Armed Forces and being honorably discharged in 1972, Hahlbohm began painting for galleries and touring the United States. In 1979, Danny released his well-known Footprints in the Sand painted along with the poem written by Mary Stevenson in 1939. The result was world recognition. To date, over 80 different Hahlbohm Christian art prints can be found in homes throughout the world.

Danny Hahlbohm says, "It has become clear through the years that my artistic gifts were meant to be used by the Lord for the comfort and growth of those they touch. He touches their hearts with that which He projects from my artistic eyes to see and reproduce. He required more detail and power for the Christian paintings He had inspired me to paint, and they included people. I told Him that was my real weakness, but before long, I was pushed into doing portraits. I realized that the gift of talent I had been given was truly the Lord's hand upon my own."

A song has been written about Danny's artwork entitled All in Blue.

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