Troy Doyle Biography Continued:; it provides a chance to get lost in time.

Art has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember...from drawing pictures with chalk on his parents couch as a child, to later refining his skills on a more suitable material. Doyle has spent many years as a freelance artist, designer and Art Director, but his passion has always been painting. “Every brush stroke can create a mood, shape, and evoke an emotion,” says Doyle.“I want people to be able to feel the subject matter. They should feel as though they can grab the glass of wine. At the same time the color should be rich and vivid enough to grab the viewer and remind them that this is a painting not a photograph. “I want the painting to become visible music. These paintings are not just glasses of Vino, they are reflections of friendships, stories, dreams and goals. They represent all that is grand in those moments of sharing.”

Having a passion for art, an appreciation for architecture, functional design and great advertising, Troy feels as though he views the things around him differently than most. "I have great respect for all types of art and a very deep admiration for true craftsmanship. Good food shared with friends and family over bottles of wine, along with solving the worlds problems over a few glasses of scotch, to me, is near perfection."

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