Cynthia Decker Biography Continued:

... punch cards.

I began drawing on the computer —pixel by pixel in green and black monochrome— on an Apple II computer when I was about 13. Throughout high school and college I studied and practiced drawing and design,and as the technology became available to me I started digital painting, while continuing to work in traditional media; pastels, acrylics and oils.

I left college to begin a graphic design career and continued to teach myself and explore new digital media. I began using 3D software in 1998 and was immediately hooked.

Initially, my portfolio was exclusively online, and I participated in many web-based galleries. People began requesting prints through my website and after doing research into fine art printing, I began creating and selling high resolution archival prints of my work in 2002. That same year I had my first solo show, and I believe it was the first show of non-photographic digital work in North Carolina.