Steve Allen Biography Continued

 To his amazement, other people were inspired when they saw the photos he took. The sand on the beach, the sunset vistas, the palm trees and the ocean waves were beautiful to a young man from East Texas.  From that period on, he has loved to put the beauty of nature onto paper. Today, Steve works with digital cameras because of the control he has in the final product. The quantity is unlimited and with software manipulation he can tweak and adjust a picture to perfection.

Steve has developed a keen eye to recognize a “photo opportunity” as he calls them and capitalize on it with just the right knack for lighting and framing. His subject matter is very diverse and ranges from the tropical jungles of Belize to the cityscapes of Washington, D.C. and from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to South Beach, Miami.  Steve believes that lighting and circumstances are everything and he tries to position himself to capture the perfect image that can express what he was witness to at the time.

Steve’s friends have nick named him the paparazzo because he’s always near with his camera taking pictures from every angle. Steve Allen loves to vacation in unique places for the  “photo opportunities” and his traveling companions know that they are free to leave their cameras at home as he’ll have enough pictures for everyone.

Steve’s favorite hobby has now become a profession as the word is out. Steve Allen Images are available for decorating and Steve Allen can be hired for photographing any occasion. Steve Allen’s days as a store manager for a supermarket chain now are crowded with other interests. What was once a hobby seems like so much more today.

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