About "Granny Muffin"

“Granny Muffin” started out as a joke but then you realize that your joke can have some very good upside. I (Mike, pictured lower right with our Grand Daughter) have for many years called April “Muffin” or several variations of “Muffin”. For instance, Sugar Muffin, Love Muffin, Honey Muffin, just sappy stuff like that. She would always quip that she was an Otis Spunkmeyer Muffin, big, fluffy, and overflowing on the edges and I, being smarter that most, would protect my skin and tell her it just wasn’t true, that she was not big and fluffy. One day, I came into the gallery and didn’t realize anyone was in the gallery besides April and I and when I called her pretty loudly, the secret name was no longer secret. Chamber members, Main Street Committee Members, you name it, began to call her Muffin as well.

Many years ago, my Mother, Beth Johnston, for whom the gallery and frame shop was named for 20 odd years was given a “Granny” name that she had to learn to like. You see, her actual given name was Nanny Beth Johnston and she never liked the first name, so she was and still is Beth Johnston to all but a very few people. When her grand children were very young and just beginning to learn their grandparent’s names, I taught them all that she was “Granny Nanny” and mother hated it at first. The grandchildren loved it that we all thought it was so cute. The name stuck and her 25 year old grandchildren still call her that to this day and the now great grandchildren are learning to love Granny Nanny as well.

Fast forward, when April’s granddaughter was born she was having so much fun trying to figure out what Caylin would call her, MeeMee, Mammaw, Grams, etc. I laughed and told her that Granny’s didn’t get to pick their own name, just ask Granny Nanny. She would be Granny Muffin if I had any say in the matter. I do, and she is!

Today, Granny Muffin is also a trademark for our wines and several future products that we have planned. April will be pictured on the front of the bottles in a wholesome, granny looking picture, and on the back of them she will be looking rather inebriated as if she’s been testing the wines repeatedly to insure consistency. This was an idea given us by Kathi Masonheimer, the Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, and so far, our wine customers love the idea and the labels.

Many of the pictures on this page are already in use on our wine labels and over the coming years you’ll see Granny Muffin stumbling through tropical locations, national parks, and every imaginable place as she travels and takes her wines to meet new friends. I wish we had thought of this years ago, because, looking back I can imagine Granny Muffin falling out of the hammock in Belize, rather than both of us and we didn’t even get to capitalize on the picture that our friends took when we fell. We’ve been to some great places like Washington DC, Hawaii, all over the Caribbean, and both coasts. April loves to travel and now she’ll have to pack a second bag so Granny Muffin can go too. Wow, what fun this is going to be.

I plan to document Granny Muffin’s travels and winery events in the website Photo Album so those of you who can’t be with us on all the excursions can at least enjoy the pictures of fun times and fun places.

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