Dessert Wines

Dessert Wines by Granny Muffin Wines

 Dessert Wine Selection by Granny Muffin Wines
Late Harvest and Ice Wines are the key to the great flavors at Granny Muffin Winery when it comes to the Dessert Wines.

A couple rely heavily on chocolate, our Sweet Cabernet Franc is a delightful red dessert wine, Our Sweet Luscious Riesling is incredibly sweet, and you'll need to try our Não Estibordo to believe it. The term is Portuguese for "Not Starboard", which in sailing terms, is very likely "Port"
Chocolate Orange Utopia is Granny Muffin's Chocolate Orange Port Wine
Price: $119.94
Cabernet Sauvignon by Granny Muffin Wines
Price: $152.89
Não Estibordo is Granny Muffin's Port Wine
Price: $89.94
Cabernet Franc Icewine Style Dessert Wine by Granny Muffin Wines
Price: $89.94
Sweet Luscious Riesling by Granny Muffin Wines is a Riesling Icewine Style Dessert Wine
Price: $89.94